Whiskey for the Wounded is the tangled, drunken knot at the heart of Brighton Songwriter David T. M. Vine. A mangled clump of skewed autobiography, half-remembered nightmares, Bukowskian poetry and single-malt. Regrets, apologies and crowns of thorns.


“I would describe it as Love songs for the deranged”

                                                                                   David T. M. Vine


Whiskey for the Wounded have been playing together for 2 years, releasing their first, self-titled EP in July 2014. In that time they have supported established artists such as James Yorkston, Jim Noir and Treetop Flyers as well as local artists such as Ed Prosek and Bird Eats Baby. 


Whilst that first release was essentially a solo singer-songwriter with a backing band, new EP ‘A Drop of Blood in a Bowl of Milk’ embraces the group dynamic. Taking influence from Sigur Ros, Elliott Smith and Bon Iver, ‘A Drop of Blood in a Bowl of Milk’ is a darker, more progressive record with a more pronounced electronic influence.


“Basically I wanted (it) to have a surreal tension running through. Then to allow that tension to erupt for a moment, before slamming the door shut on it”

                                                                                    David T. M. Vine


The new record is scheduled for release on all platforms on Thursday 22nd September, and a launch party is booked at The Joker in Brighton on the same day. More dates will soon be announced to promote the record nationwide, information can be found on the bands social media which is linked below. 


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