Something wicked this way comes...

Its been a crazy few weeks, Whiskey drinkers. We are getting ready to put out the new EP (Finally!) and its non-stop trying to get everything lined up for the release. I'm starting to see light at the end of the tunnel, I'm actually allowing myself to get excited now.

As some of you may have noticed we have an official logo now. The logo was designed by our good friend Joe Heaselgrave at Useful mammal design and we think it represents us perfectly.

Also, our online presence has been updated with the new artwork for 'A Drop of Blood in a Bowl of Milk' and its pretty scary stuff.

The masked woman is a main feature in the video for between the sheets which we will be releasing soon and we feel that she totally represents the vibe of the whole record, which is why we used her as the main focal point.

There are loads of gigs in the diary, check out our Facebook event page and come down to see us live at any of these awesome events!

Also, if you would like Whiskey for the Wounded to come and play near you, please do get in touch.

Thanks for reading, there still so much to do, but if you enjoy the music then please do connect with us through our social media.

Tweet: @whiskey_wounded

All the best Whiskey Drinkers...

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